Item Material 1 Material 2 Obtained Ore Required
Aged Dragon Wine Dragon Amulet Aged Wine
Aged Elixir Aged Wine Elixir Complete Craftman's Request
Aged Wine Flask Aged Wine Storage Flask
Blue Dragon Fangs Tiger Amulet Scale Amulet Craft 20 - Tech 10
Blue Dragon Wings Peacock Amulet Scale Amulet
Claw Amulet Tiger Amulet Tiger Amulet 0
Dragon Amulet Ginseng Dragon Amulet Ginseng S Rank - The Mathematician Returns
Dragon Card Dragon Amulet Storm Card Craft Skill 10 0
Dragon Elixir Dragon Amulet Elixir
Dragon Flask Dragon Amulet Large Flask
Dragon Herbal Tea Dragon Amulet Herbal Tea
Dragon Herbal Elixer Dragon Amulet Herbal Elixir Craft 20 - Tech 25
Dragon Hide Dragon Amulet Tiger Fur
Dragon Journal Dragon Amulet Hua Tuo's Journal
Dragon Mirror Dragon Amulet Enchanted Mirror
Dragon Peacock Talons Peacock Amulet Tiger Amulet Complete Craftman's Request
Dragon Peacock Wings Dragon Amulet Peacock Amulet Complete Craftman's Request
Dragon Remedy Dragon Amulet Remedy
Dragon Scale Wings Scale Amulet Feather Amulet S Rank - The Surrounded Coalition
Dragon Stone Belt Dragon Amulet Stone Belt
Elixir Remedy Remedy Elixir S Rank - Victory Without Fighting 0
Enchanted Hurricane Card Enchanted Mirror Hurricane Card
Enchanted Rain Amulet Enchanted Mirror Rain Amulet
Enchanted Storage Flask Storage Flask Enchanted Mirror Craft 20 - Tech 15
Eternity Scroll Time Scroll Time Scroll
Feather Amulet Peacock Amulet Peacock Amulet 0
Feather Amulet Card Feather Amulet Hurricane Card
Feather Amulet Elixir Feather Amulet Elixir
Feather Amulet Flask Feather Amulet Large Flask S Rank - Ghosts of the Battlefield
Granite Belt Stone Belt Stone Belt
Granite Flask Granite Belt Large Flask
Granite Storage Flask Granite Belt Storage Flask
Granite Wind Scroll Wind Scroll Granite Belt 350 Successful Crafts - Tech 20
Ginseng Flask Ginseng Large Flask
Herbal Elixir Elixir Elixir
Herbal Tea of Swiftness Speed Scroll Herbal Tea Craft 20 - Tech 15
Hua Tuo's Elixir Hua Tuo's Journal Elixir
Hua Tuo's Herbal Elixir Hua Tuo's Journal Herbal Elixir Craft 20 - Tech 25
Hua Tuo's Tea Hua Tuo's Journal Herbal Tea Complete Craftman's Request
Hua Tuo's Shell Hua Tuo's Journal Shell Amulet Craft 20 - Tech 15
Hua Tuo's Wine Hua Tuo's Journal Aged Wine Complete Craftman's Request
Hurricane Card Storm Card Storm Card
Hurricane Flask Hurricane Card Large Flask
Hurricane Stone Belt Hurricane Card Stone Belt
Large Ginseng Flask Ginseng Storage Flask S Rank - The Smuggling Ring
Peacock Card Peacock Amulet Storm Card 0
Peacock Elixir Peacock Amulet Elixir 0
Peacock Flask Peacock Amulet Large Flask
Peacock Fur Peacock Amulet Tiger Fur
Peacock Herbal Elixir Peacock Amulet Herbal Elixir
Peacock Herbal Tea Peacock Amulet Herbal Tea
Peacock Journal Peacock Amulet Hua Tuo's Journal
Peacock Mirror Peacock Amulet Enchanted Mirror
Peacock Stone Belt Peacock Amulet Stone Belt
Peacock Wine Peacock Amulet Aged Wine
Rain Amulet Stone Belt Rain Amulet Stone Belt
Rain Elixir Rain Amulet Elixir
Rainstorm Card Rain Amulet Storm Card
Remedy Mirror Mirror 0
Scale Amulet Dragon Amulet Dragon Amulet 0
Scale Amulet Belt Scale Amulet Stone Belt S Rank - Reinforcement Request
Scale Amulet Elixir Scale Amulet Elixir
Scale Herbal Tea Scale Amulet Herbal Tea Craft 20 - Tech 15
Scaly Tortoise Amulet Scale Amulet Tortoise Amulet Craft 10 - Tech 20
Scripture Potion Pure Ginger Buddhist Scriptures
Shell Elixir Shell Amulet Elixir Craft 20 - Tech 10
Soaring Tiger Amulet Tiger Amulet Feather Amulet Craft 20 - Tech 20
Speed Fangs Speed Scroll Tiger Amulet S Rank - Much Effort, Little Reward
Speed Scroll Feather Speed Scroll Feather Amulet S-Rank Three People, Three Ideas
Speed Scroll Flask Speed Scroll Large Flask S Rank - The Missing Brothers
Speedstorm Card
Spiced Wine Herbal Tea Aged Wine Complete Craftman's Request
Spirit Ginseng Scale Amulet Ginseng S Rank - CHAL: K.O. Veteran
Stone Belt of Swiftness Speed Scroll Stone Belt S Rank - The Stolen Goods
Stonebelt Remedy
Stone Flask Stone Belt Large Flask Complete Craftman's Request
Stone Storage Flask
Storm Belt
Storm Elixir Elixir
Storm Flask
Storm Mirror Card
Swift Mirror Enchanted Mirror Speed Scroll S Rank - Siege of the Bandit Base
Tiger Amulet Belt Tiger Amulet
Tiger Amulet Card Tiger Amulet
Tiger Amulet Elixir Tiger Amulet Elixir
Tiger Amulet Flask Tiger Amulet Large Flask S Rank - Island Training Corps
Tiger Belt Tiger Fur
Tiger Dragon Amulet Tiger Amulet
Tiger Fur Elixer Tiger Fur Elixir
Tiger Herb Elixer Tiger Amulet Herbal Elixir S Rank - Trial of Luck and Skill
Tiger Tortoise Bauble Claw Amulet Shell Amulet S Rank - Troublesome Mage
Tiger Tortoise Claws Tiger Amulet Tortoise Amulet Complete Craftman's Request
Tiger Tortoise Shell Tortoise Amulet Dragon Amulet Complete Craftman's Request
Tortoise Card
Tortoise Elixir Elixir
Tortoise Fangs
Tortoise Flask
Tortoise Ginseng
Tortoise Herbal Tea
Tortoise Hide
Tortoise Journal
Tortoise Mirror
Tortoise Stone Belt
Tortoise Wine
Turtle Amulet 0
True Elixir Herbal Elixir Storage Flask S Rank - CHAL: Warfare Expert
White Tiger Fur Tiger Amulet Tiger Fur S Rank - Mystery of the Will
White Tiger Journal
White Tiger Tea
White Tiger Wine
Wind Amulet Wind Scroll Scale Amulet S Rank - CHAL: Warfare Veteran
Wind Belt Wind Scroll Stone Belt S Rank - The Prisoner and Goods
Wind Fang Wind Scroll Tiger Amulet S Rank - Fallen Mage
Wind Scroll Flask Wind Scroll Large Flask S Rank - Pursuit after the Enemy
Wine Flask
Wine Remedy Aged Wine Remedy 0

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