Cai Wenji
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Weapon Type: Harp
Advanced + : None
Historical information
Real name: Cài Yǎn
Chinese name: 蔡琰
Style name: Zhāojī Wénjī
Chinese name: 昭姫 - 昭姬 文姫 - 文姬
Born: 177
Died: ?

Cai Wenji (蔡文姫, rōmaji: Sai Bunki) is one of the artistic style names attributed to a poet named Cai Yan.Her height in Dynasty Warriors Online Z is 165 cm (5'5").

General Information

while serving Cai Wenji you will gain



Romance of the Three Kingdoms


Character Information





Character Symbolism


Quests Started by Cai Wenji



Cai Wenji's Weapon of choice is the Harp

DWOZ Moveset

Scenario Ending


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