What is it?

Campaign promo is an optional event introduced by Koei during Dwo era in Battle of Yi Ling Scenario.This option usually has player able to participate in various event introduced by Koei.This is from either log in, stay online for certain time,pariticpate in certain melee, collect certain amount of item and so on.The reward can vary from to any item consist of even gem, furniture and even gear.

Interface translation

Accesing the campaign promo

Press F12 to open the option and then select the first option to open player interface and then select the bottom option as shown in the picture below.

Campaign Promo option

Example of Log in for a certain of time Campaign Promo Task

Picture below show;s an evet where player has to log in for 1 hour(timer count in minute)

Campaign Promo Time log in example

Example of Honor Accumulated Honor Promo

Picture below show an event where player can get reward for accumulating honor for a certain amount which in this case from 500 to 1000 and then to 2000 honor.

Campaign Promo Honor Example

Example of win a certain amount of item through the specific way

In this campaign promo,player has to gather item through either way of purchasing the item through antique dealer or winning it in battle.The best way to know the requirement is to check the Event page that list all the requirement.Picture below show;s player has to win all type of gem at least 1 through melee and can redeem the reward.

Campaign Promo Item Collect

Aftermath of completing the task

In each campaign promo there is 2 button,the left button is for redeeming the reward while the right burron is to show what reward player can get for completing the task.When player has complete the required task,a small white word will appear next to the amount of task needed which stand for "completed" meaning player can now collect the reward by selecting the left button at the task.Once player do so,a message will pop up to show what player has won.After that a long white word appear next to the button which stand for "redeemed"

How do I know when there is a campaign promo going on?

This page list all the event going on.

Thing player need to know about campiagn promo

1.If it a honor accumulated promo going on,honor gain from reicarnation penalty will not tally up with the promo.

2.Redeem the reward before the time is over,once the promo is over then the option to do so is gone.

3.If player has the max quantity of the reward than the reward cannot be claimed unless player clear some space for it.This is the same if player max storage space.

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