Grade: E

Quest NPC: Mystic Fairy

Major Domestic Bonus: All +5

Players: 1

Time: 15:00

Please Help!!!

An evil organisation has kidnapped a couple of children,please help in stopping them!!

Strategy ~

Firstly,head to "1" spot as shown in the map and defeat one of the bandit there which in wizard unit.After that head to "2" spot and defeat the officer there.Lastly head to "3" spot and defeat the rogue bandit there to complete the quest.

Rank Condition Reward
S Defeat all the bandit

5 X Inferno Orb,Blizzard Orb,Blitz Orb,

True Vorpal Orb and Tornado Orb


Video Of Quest
Dynasty Warrior Online Z Quest Episode 207:11

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Quest Episode 2


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