Furniture for your garden. - can not be used in the home


Birds will be in the cages

Bird Cage Bird Cage Honey Tree
CageS CageS2 TreeG
Panda Flower Pot

Flower Lights

Will light up at night, in there respective colors

Blue Bell Flower Green Bell Flower Purple Bell Flower
BlueLight GreenLight PurpleLight
Red Bell Flower Yellow Bell Flower
Firelight YellowLight


Will light up at night, in there respective colors

Blue Lantern Green Lantern Purple Lantern
OrnamentBlue OrnamentGreen OrnamentPurple
Red Lantern Yellow Lantern
Ornament1 OrnamentYellow


Wooden Fence Wooden Fence Iron Fence
FenceS2 FenceS3 GateS
Iron Fence


FireBird Fu Xi and Nu wa Genbu Fountain
FireBirdSt FuxiNuwa GenbuSt
Traditional Fountain White Dragon Surfing Fu Xi
TradidtionalFountain WhiteDragon WhiteStatue
Sprouting Nu Wa

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