Guan Suo
Character information

- Shu

Weapon Type: -Nunchaku
Advanced + : -
Historical information
Real name: -
Chinese name: -
Style name: -
Chinese name: -
Born: -
Died: -

Guan Suo is the first bioligical son of Guan Yu.In history he is known for marrying many wife including Bao Sanniang along participating in various Shu northern campaign.

General InformationEdit

While serving Guan Suo you will gain

Tech + 10

Life + 15

Character InformationEdit


Guan Suo first apperance in Dwoz has many of his moveset lack of range and attack motion due rely on Dw5 merchanics.After a few revision update,his moveset is now an updated version of  Warrior Orochi 3 moveset.


Guan Suo treat his ally and enemy in calm respecting manner.

Historical InformationEdit


Quests Started by Guan SuoEdit

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest


Guan Suo Weapon of choice is the Nunchaku

DWOZ MovesetEdit

This is the moveset used by by the geneal in DWOZ,player can acess this general moveset by using the specified general spirit.

DA-Knock 2 times with the nunchaku.


C1-2 strike that cause the enemy to fall.

C2-Use the nunchaku to launch the enemy.

C3-2 kick forward.

C4-Kick and then knock away with the nunchaku.

C5-Perform a wide AOE kick and then multiple air slash staggering attack and end with forward slash wawe that knockback the enemy.Pressing charge agan after this will release a forward tornado attack similar to Guan Suo Ex Dw7.

C6-Nuncaku slam that hit forward and backward and end with forward wawe slash.

Evo-2 multiple kick similar to Dw7 2nd musou/

JA-Ricght knockback hit.

JC-Throw nunchaku to knockback the enemy.

Musou-2 forward wave kick similar to 1st musou Dw7

True Musou-Same as above.

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Guan Suo Moveset01:21

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Guan Suo Moveset

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