Grade: C

Quest Npc:Kawari at any tavern

Major Domestic Bonus:Peace,Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus:Distribution.Military.Commerce

Playeres: 1


When player first log in,when the update quest is added,the NPC will enter the player house and ask few question regarding the way he propose his love to the player.Regardless of the player answer,the NPC will wait for the player to take the quest later at the tavern.

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1.When player start the quest,the NPC will ask the player to seek for info regarding his love location.As the

player move,the NPC will follow the player,keep in mind not to let the NPC defeated or else the quest fail.

2.Head to the red flock army and find the bandit chief and defeat him.Each red flock army there is one of

them.Defeat 3 of them.And they will give hint of the location of the maiden.

3.Based on some info,the maiden location can be found in random spot but one of the likely spot is based on

the map shown above,the green arrow is one of the maiden location to spawn.

Tips;To make it easier to find the maiden,wander around until there is a ping at where the player are and stay there unil Kawari get there.When Kawari arrive that spot.the maiden will show up.

4.Approach the maiden and defeat her.Keep in mind she has HA and tough defense and attack.

5.After the quest finish,head to tavern and report the quest to Kawari.


Condition Reward


Flat Fabric x2

Fireball X 3

Bouquet Furniture


真三国無双 愛を我が手に攻略(初見プレイ)08:16

真三国無双 愛を我が手に攻略(初見プレイ)

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