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27 November 2014





Scenario IntroEdit

Scenario Background PictureEdit


Scenario MapEdit

Img p01 map 27 Nov


Player ForcesEdit

Cao Cao ForcesEdit

Capital City:Xu Chang

Target City

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Cao Cao Conquerer Sword X Peace Musou
Xiahou Dun Podao X Distribution Attack
Xiahou Yuan Long Bow  X Technology Damage
Cao Ren Spiked Shield X Commerce Defence
Xu Zhu Giant Club X Commerce Damage
Xu Huang Giant Axe X Technology Damage
Zhang Liao Twin Axes X Technology Musou
Jia Xu Chain Sickle X Commerce Defence
Guo Jia Orb & Scepter X Military Defence
Guan Yu Dragon Blade X Commerce Attack
Cao Pi Twin Blade X Peace Damage
Sima Yi Black Fan X Distribution Life

Liu BeiEdit

Capital City:Jian Ye

Target City:

Sun Ce

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Sun Ce Tiger Tonfa X Technology Attack
Sun Quan Flame Sword X Peace Attack
Sun Shang Xiang Wheels X Distribution Defense
Zhou Yu Staff X Commerce Musou
Huang Gai Iron Boat X Military Damage
Da Qiao Twin Baton X Technology Attack
Xiao Qiao Iron Fan X Distribution Defense
Zhou Tai Samurai Blade X Distribution Damage
Taishi Chi Warrior Rod X Military Damage
Lu Meng Pike X Commerce Life

NPC ForcesEdit

Liu Bei

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Liu Bei Twin Sword X Peace Defense
Zhang Fei Cobra Pike X Military Attack
Zhao Yun Dragon Spear X Distribution Life

Yuan Shao

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Yuan Shao Noble Rapier X Peace Attack
Zhen Ji Moon Flute X Distribution Musou
Zhang He Silver Claws X Commerce Damage

Huang Zu

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Gan Ning Flail X Technology Attack
Huang Zhong Bow X Distribution Life
Wei Yan Double Voulge X Military Attack

Ma Teng

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Ma Chao Cavalary Spear X Technology Life
Pang De Earth Rod X Military Defense

Liu Zhang

No General

Tao QIan

No General

Scenario CapesEdit

Below Cape are just placeholder.

Cao Cao ForcesEdit

? ? ?
+1 (Rear General) +2 (Front General) +3 (Permieter General)
? ? ?
+4 (Chariot General) +5 (Grand General) +6 (Governor)
? ?
+7 (Governor General) +8 (Grand Marshal)

Sun Ce ForcesEdit

Updates Released on this ScenarioEdit


Orb and Scepter

Moveset RevisionEdit

New GearEdit

New FeatureEdit

Charge(Battle Mode)

Gear Set

New ItemEdit

Weapon Spirit


1.This will mark the first time Guan Yu be in Cao Cao Forces along mark the first appearance for Guo Jia.

2.With this update,item are no longer drop from doing Melee and Campaign.Meaning player has to equip weapon with a temper in order to get at least an item.

3.The honor reicarnation punishment return in this scenario compare to previous scenario.

4.This is the first time an anniversary package contain a weapon that is not released yet in the waepon list.

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