Promotion Quests

Promotion quests are started by your commanding General or during campaign,the quest can be taken by speaking to the clerk on the served general office.

For any promotion quests pre-Guard please see the Beginners Guide

Promotion Test Grade Honor Major Domestic Skill Minor Domestic Skill
Guard Promotion Test C 200 - -
Lieutenant Colonel Promotion Test C 250 Technology Military
Colonel Promotion Test C 500 Technology Military
Field General Promotion Test B 1000 Technology Military
Support General - 1500 - -
Rear General Promotion Test B 2500 Technology Military
Counselor General - 3500 - -
Front General Promotion Test A 5000 Technology Military
4th Elite General - 7500 - -
Perimeter General Promotion Test S 10000 Technology Military
Strategist General - 15000 - -
Chariot General Promotion Test S 25000 Military Technology
Cavalry General - 35000 - -
Grand General Promotion Test S 50000 All + 20
Governor Promotion Test S 200000 All + 22
Governor General Promotion Quest S 500000 All + 24
Grand Marshal Promotion Quest S 1000000 All + 26

  • When reaching 750 Honor if you have NOT taken the Colonel Promotion Test AND having the Lt. Colonel rank, then you WILL be forcible promoted to Colonel rank. (If you stay in Guard rank, you will NOT be force-promoted)
  • When reaching 6000 Honors if you have NOT taken the Front General Promotion Test AND having the Counselor General rank, then you WILL be forcible promoted to Front General. (If you stay in Rear General rank and below, you will NOT be force-promoted)

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