Your Quaters is your home in Dynasty Warriors Online.

All Quarters start out with a Bed, an Armory, a Wardrobe, a Desk and your War Records.

At your door, you may select which plaza you wish to move to, and set the default plaza for ease of access. Whilst you are below the rank of guard, the door will automatically take you to the Musou Dojo to make it easier to continue your training.

Players you "befriend" may enter your quarters and view the contents of your Wardrobe, Armories, Awards Chest, etc. They can also view your War Records. You may also visit the Quarters of your friends.

You keep all your Weapons , Gear , Lieutenants & Furniture in your Quarters.

Basic QuartersEdit

  • Maximum players inside = 10
  • Maximum furniture space = 25
  • Maximum armories = 6


Expansions Edit

First Expansion Edit

Cost: 1000 AP

  • Maximum players inside = 25
  • Maximum furniture space = 50
  • Maximum armories =10


Second ExpansionEdit

Cost: 1800 AP

  • Maximum players inside = 50
  • Maximum furniture space = 100
  • Maximum armories = 14


Third ExpansionEdit

Cost: 3500 AP

  • Maximum players inside = 50 (no increase)
  • Maximum furniture space =150
  • Maximum armories = 18


Garden ExpansionEdit

Cost: 1000 AP

  • Allows the holding on 4 Mounts

My GardenEdit

Cost: 3500 AP


See Section below

Remodeling Edit

Remodeling is done via the Antiques Dealer

Red Walls 35
File:Stone walls.jpg
Wooden Walls Red Walls Stone Floors Stone Walls
File:Simple carpet.jpg File:Lavish carpet.jpg File:Tiger skin.jpg
Normal Carpet Luxury Carpet Tiger Skin Rug
File:Candle 2.jpg File:Candle 1.jpg
Candle Candle Stand Lantern
File:Remove carpet.jpg
Remove Carpet

My GardenEdit

Now you can have your own Garden!

My Garden is a new area to your home added in Yi Ling Scenario.

You can customize your Garden with Plants and Furniture.

See the My Garden Page for further Information