This page list all changes that has been done to weapon and Advanced + with Dwoz.The idea of this page is to see how much changes that Dwoz content has gone through as more update come.Ah yes eventhough it says weapon and Advanced + but this also list movement for LT and npc too.This page is still under work


Crescent Blade

Battle Axe

Moveset Revision on Edit

Affected Moveset


Damage Coeefficent

Normal String Faster Attack String Increased
C3 New Attack Remain
C5 New Attack Remain
Thrust Longer Attack Remain
Pierce New Attack Remain
Crescent New Attack Remain
Moon Wider Attack Increased
Fan New Attack Remain

Great Club

Iron Rod


Pirate Sword

Battle Rod

Moveset Revision on:Edit




Affected Moveset


Damage Coeefficent

Musou Longer Range Remain
True Musou Longer Range Remain
C3 Hyper Armor added+New Attack Remain
C4 Hyper Armor added+New Attack Remain
C5 Longer Range+New Attack Remain
Pierce Longer Range Increased
Crescent New Attack Remain
Moon New Attack Remain
Fan New Attack Remain
Eclipse New Attack Remain

Twin Rods

Hand Axe

Twin Picks

Twin Sabers

Twin Maces


Bronze Spear

Twin Fans

Strategist Fan

Vision Staff

Sorcerer's Staff

Iron Claws

Nanman Gauntlets

Iron Sword

Tyrant Sword

Battle Shield


Advanced +Edit


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