Grade: E

Quest NPC: Merchant

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Players: 1

Time: 14:56

"My son joined a group of bandits recently and has been getting into a lot of trouble. Could you go find my son and teach him a lesson or two? My son's name is A Zhi. Go sort him out, please!"

Stratagey -

Simply Defeat Lu Yan, Guo Yan, Tian Jie and Du Qing, while making sure you DO NOT defeat A Zhi.

Each Bandit has his own set location, which may be swapped with A Zhi.

  1. A Zhi
  1. Lu Yan
  1. Guo Yan
  1. Tian Jie
  1. Du Qing

You can easily tell A Zhi's Location by who is in position 1.

Or...if you can't tell who is A Zhi's if played in Japan Server,then here;s a picture showing his name:


He is the only person that has a "B"and "L" word on his name.So if the other unit does not has that then defeat it.

Example ~ If Du Qing is in Position 1 the A Zhi will be at Du Qing's position 5

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 11:15+ 600 Gold
A Time: 9:18+ 300 Gold
B ~ 250 Gold
C ~ 200 Gold
D ~ 150 Gold
E ~ 100 Gold

Defeating A Zhi ends with Quest Failed


Video Of Quest

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