Not all capes are currently on the EN server.

All capes add the + to Attack, Defence, Damage, Life & Musou unless stated, The Rank required is also stated

The + is Attack & Defence only. starting from +3 Life getsa +1 that goes up 1 as cape + does.

Wei Forces

Blue Firebird Mantle Ancient Firebird Mantle Indigo Heavens Mantle
Jing wei1 Jing wei2 Jing wei3
+2  (Counselor General) +3 (4th Elite General) +4 (Startegist General)
Twin Firebirds Mantle Bluegold Firebird Mantle
Jing wei4 Jing wei5
+5 (Cavalry General) +6 (Unreleased)

Wu Forces

Crimson Tiger Mantle Ancient Tiger Mantle Crimson Blaze Mantle
Jing wu1 Jing wu2 Jing wu3
+1 (Counselor General) +2 (4th Elite General) +3 (Startegist General)
Twin Inferno Mantle Redgold Tiger Mantle
Jing wu4 Jing wu5
+4 (Cavalry General) +6 (Unreleased)

Shu Forces

Verdent Dragon Mantle Ancient Dragon Mantle Verdent Winds Mantle
Jing shu1 Jing shu2 Jing shu3
+1 (Counselor General) +2 (4th Elite General) +3 (Startegist General)
Green Dragon Wings Mantle Greengold Dragon Mantle
Jing shu4 Jing shu5
+4 (Cavalry General) +6 (Unreleased)

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