Sima Yi
Character information



Weapon Type: -Black Fan
Advanced + : -Fortify
Historical information
Real name: -
Chinese name: -
Style name: -
Chinese name: -
Born: -
Died: -

Sima Yi (onyomi: Shiba I) is an intellectual who is accredited as the ancestral founder of Western Jin. \

General InformationEdit

While serving General Name you will gain

Distribution + 10

Musou + 10

Character InformationEdit




In Dwoz,he is potrayed as a person who treat the player even the enemy with boasting personality.

Historical InformationEdit


Quests Started by General NameEdit

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest


Sima Yi Weapon of choice is the Black Fan

DWOZ MovesetEdit

This is the moveset used by by the geneal in DWOZ,player can acess this general moveset by using the specified general spirit.

DA-Dash forward while swinging fan releasing cone of wind forward

N String-Swing fan forward with cone of wind followed

C1-Send AOE blast attack.

C2-Send AOe attack with fire element.

C3-Use fan to blast enemy around with lighting.Pressing the charge attack again unless lighting strike around the player similar to Dw7 ex attack.

C4-Dash backward and then forward with fan followed around.

C5-Lift the enemy up with the fan.

C6-Send laser that blast the enemy away.

Evo-Cover self with fireelement and send out fire tornado.

JA-Blast enemy with wind cone.

JC-Hold arm to release spider web blast.Similar to Dw7 air musou.

Musou-Engulf the enemy with spider web with the fan and then blast them away.

True Musou-Same above.

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Sima Yi Moveset02:05

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Sima Yi Moveset

Scenario EndingEdit


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