Sun Quan
Character information

-Sun Jian

-Sun Ce


Weapon Type: -Flame Sword
Advanced + : -Perservance
Historical information
Real name: Sūn Quán
Chinese name: 孫權 - 孙权
Style name: Zhòngmóu
Chinese name: 仲謀 - 仲谋
Born: 182
Died: 252

Sun Quan (onyomi: Son Ken) is Sun Jian's second son and his elder brother's successor. He has been appearing in every single scenario of Dwo and Dwoz ever since he appearance in the second scenario in Dwo.

General InformationEdit

While serving Sun Quan you will gain

Peace + 10 

Attack +  7

Character InformationEdit





Historical InformationEdit


Quests Started by Sun QuanEdit

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest


Sun Quan Weapon of choice is the Flame Sword

DWOZ MovesetEdit

This is the moveset used by by the geneal in DWOZ,player can acess this general moveset by using the specified general spirit.

DA-Slash right knocking the enemy.

N String-Repeadetly slash and at the last slash knock the enemy away.

C1-Dash forward and perform front slash

C2-Launch the enemy up with the sword.

C3-Repedetly slash left and right.Press Charge at the end of the slash will use Sun Quan Ex where he spin forward in flaming tornado.

C4-Multiple slash knocking the enemy away.

C5-Launch the enemy in the air.

C6-2 slashes with first stagger and the second slash knock the enemy away.

Evo-Cause a fire blast similar to Sun Quan Dw7 2nd musou.

JA-Slash to right knocking the enemy.

JC-Slam to ground with sword that launch the enemy.There is rotation lock while this attack is performed.

Musou-Hold the sword and rush forward in spinning flame motion.Sun Quan 1st musou Dw7.

True Musou-Similar to above.

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Sun Quan Moveset01:07

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Sun Quan Moveset

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