Jlagese (talk) 16:32, May 2, 2015 (UTC)Hey im so sorry about the recent edits i made. I dident know that they dont use the wiki anymore for the english server.And anyways i had accidently edited the wrong mape  for that quest. Sorry. I have gottin some new information on the different parts of the game to help out everyone aqnd to better understand. I have it in Chinese,twineese,Japanse,and some in Russian  I also have lotes on my facebook page incase anyone is wantting to taske a look. Also I dont know how to add things like colums and such I do have a few new quests that aren not on your wiki page. or from what i have seen anyways. I think that theres about 6 new quests that coming out . but I dont know how to add it and dont want to miss asnything up. Just trying to help us all out and I also have other wiki for other games to if anyone is intrested just let me know. 

I m also SimaYi SHi on the Japanse servere and im Kuroda.CD1 on the chinses server and I am CaoYung.DH1 on the Twinses server. But i play in the Japanse server mostly its more fun.

thanks and any help would be nice.Jlagese (talk) 16:32, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

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