Grade: E

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Technology

Players: 1

Time: 14:56

Stratagey ~

Firstly you have to take the Base Marked A (Tower Base - so flask Attack & Damage). once the Base is captured, the "Bandit Chief will appear at on of the points marked 1 - 8. (He will appear as a new Red Dot so if lucky you can tell his location)

Next you have to Defeat the "Bandit Chief". (if you still can't find him take either Base B or C and his position will Ping on the Map).

Once killed the Bandit Cheif will tell you the Wine is in one of the Allied Bases! so head to either base G or F (it does not matter which you pick. As you enter a Allied Base, a "Smuggler" will appear at the Bases entrance and run away towards the Enemy Supply Base. if you can't catch him don't worry to much as he will stop (roughly where the player indicator on the above map)

Defeat the "Smuggler" to recover the Wine and Finish the Quest.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 9:19+ 600 Gold
A Time: 7:30 ~ 9:18 300 Gold
B Time: 6:25 250 Gold
C Time: 4:35 200 Gold
D Unknown 150 Gold
E Unknown 100 Gold


Video Of Quest

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