Another moveset update and then later another moveset nerf

I used to be very happy when Koei do moveset update for weapon so that the old weapon has a chances to compete with new weapon coming in.But knowing Koei track lately of nerfing the weapon after sometime(fastest is 3 week with Twin Fan).I honestly don;t see what;s the point of do that kind of  update anymore if they just screwed it up.

Japan,Taiwan and Chinese event connection

Isn;t it amazing that if Japan has campaign then Taiwan and Chinese will be showdown and vice versa.And because of that I hate it because it make me unable to enjoy weekend event the way I wanted because event are heavily affected because of these 3 server.I was expecting to enjoy campaign but thank;s to other server.Now my weekend is wasted.

Movie Maker Sucks but at least is free and better than other movie maker

I really wish there is a better movie maker but with how most movie maker doesn;t have the timeline option that allow me to make video easy then those program is worth as garbage.Now the only other problem is the unstable musics.Really wish this stupid problem will stop happen.

Dw8XL is coming 13th May

Finally 2 years and it is coming,can;t wait to play with Chen Gong.Koei better not screw it up with making so many error or not giving updated patched version.

When playing any game...

I always want to have fun no matter what.I honestly don;t see what;s the point of playing game if not having fun while doing it.One of my best fun is win.All I care when playing is win.If the battle that I am in filled with idiot who can;t ensure victory for me.Then is better that they are abadoned and suffered.I have no need to care of useless idiot who can;t ensure my fun.

That;s not to say I didn;t do anything to ensure any victory but once I know other people are causing loses.Then is better to abadon the people.I am here to have fun especially in winning.I careless anything else about that.

Android game sure is fun

Honestly I never thought how Android game can be a lot fun.

And that;s all

Now get lost.Especially idiot people who love to steal wiki info.