A tiring days...a blog before I go to sleep

Final Campaign Victor

At the time of 1:56am Japan time,Jin win the Final campaign against Shu.In the first moment Jin start with disadvantage formation campaign and then were forced to change formation while manage to use attack all tactics once.Shu seeing this start formation changed non stop as Jin do it.In the end when Jin caught in Shu trap in changing formation,they manage to prevent the last tactics from being used where if Cai Wenji is still being fought together,it will cause a formation change that wil signal Jin lost.But thank;s to the time limit of the tactics,this were succesfully prevented thus seal Jin victory.

Is amazing Jin manage to reach more than 500 participant but many not willing to vote for many spy eh...then again Jin also use it too..ah well a victory is all matter.

Now the final campaign is done,wait 2 days later and everyone can watch the ending of the scenario and their general ending.

The next scenario

I am suprised the next scenario is Mt Dingjun,I was expecting Sima Shi reign,Zhuge Dan rebellion or Final Batle of Cheng Du.I guess Koei want to try new thing with 2 forces.Well..I can;t wait to see how the new general moveset will look like especially general like Xu Zhu who has grab Ex roll,Zhang Liao hyper Ex and Pang De earth shaker Ex.Wil they include the Ex or omitted it..if they can include Xing Cai Ex despite there is no stat buff,I guess they could do the same for Zhang Liao.

Though I wonder how the other forces will be handled since both Cao Cao and Shu forces has almost full general office....

The end for now

I gonna sleep...too tired.Well good night everyone.