In all my life,all I ever wanted  is to be happy and just have a fun time while at the same time help people out so that the hapiness can be shared together...but in the end backstabbed many time....I am tired of watching people happy now while I am the only one suffered...I want all of them suffer and feel my pain.

The useless people and the many garbage around...just seeing them make me want to rid them all....I hate it...I hate it...I am tired of always need to suffer because of them...If I listen to them I suffer,If I don;t listen to them I suffer too....the irony of fate....

Heh..just like how if I don;t choose to do this wiki then this spark in my heart will ache and yet when I do any wiki editing the spark of hatred with many people that I hate taking advantage of this info only anger me especially when they show up in my game and screw many blocklist itself is getting stupid of Koei to put a limit to a freaking blocklist.

Even in death my happiness won;t lovely.