28 Nov 2007

Started with Dynasty Warrior Broadband/Shin Sangoku Musou BB with pay to play concept before being renamed to Dynasty Warrior Online/Shin Sangoku Musou Online and new concept of free to play with microtransaction support and now renamed to Dynasty Warrior Online Z/Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z.

So many scenario,new weapon,new system and many thing has been added and updated to Dwoz.Can;t believe  that it was possible for a hack and slash game of Koei warrior series can even be made to an Online series.And until now no online game able to copy the way how Dwoz game style is.I lost count  how many similar Ragnarok and other touch and click Eden Eternal game lolz.

Koei currently celebrating the anniversary with some event along a special promo where player who purchase a special code from GameCity Shop will get a selection of Joke weapon of Curved Sword version along special goodies like Captain Special scroll(5x multiply weapon usages) and templar gear sets.

Here;s to another succesful year and hope Dwoz will continue to be an awesome MMO.

祝・6周年!感謝キャンペーン開催!|『真・三國無双 Online Z』 (1)