A short rant of the day.

(Taiwan Server)I am an Elder Statesman now?




As covered in previous blogs,I have been playing both Twn and CN Dwo and 2 days ago I received mail from Sima Yi,having meet him I was promoted to Elder Statesman thank;s to my participant along proposal yeah I was like shocked that I was chosen despite I don;t put much effort into it compare when in Jpn server campaign. From my 2 weeks experience I guess I shouldn;t be suprised as most cp player in Twn rarely rely on proposal tactics with most of them just rely on streak despite formation is bad....*sigh*Surrounded by people who prefer to use force instead using brain...great just great..>_>

New Scenario

Those who check the event and update section may know that new scenario will come this month.More info of this will come with prediction maybe on 11th March or 13th March.

That;s all