Oh Koei.... why do you continue to cater to the garbage players, why do you continue to add features that make the game uber noob friendly? Why not keep things as is which made the game fun, why give the middle finger to the players who've spent countless times going to the Proctor to learn the ins and outs of a weapon?

I honestly don't understand it, companies always start off a game the right way, a way that introduces the fact that those who want to get better will experiement with combinations, learn the range of a weapon, learn the true effects of an item. Then all of a sudden, they start patching things and adding useless features that cater to noobs, to the ones who are too lazy to put in time and effort to learn how to be effective with said weapon, or know how to properly use said item.

I'll never understand why companies do that, they constantly find any method that they can to cater to the ones who cry and complain about getting beat by the better players that actually took the time out to learn the ins and outs of things, who actually listened to players who were clearly better than they were.

This game is no different, back then, in the older videos, when you seen someone comobing, it looked so damn beautiful for the simple fact that it was skill based. No one could just pick up a weapon and know how to combo with it, but anyone could Musou spam and think they were good until they realised that it's too easy to bait them into using their Musou attack with a poke(Single Hit).

Now fast foward to now... now you got these whining noobs who can only win because of that gotdamned Attack Cap feature that promotes such a weaksauce build-50320. Without that they'd still be getting destroyed and then play naive by not realising why they would get destroyed, but the truly skilled players knew. They knew because they were the ones who would take advice instead of cussing out people for the simple fact that they were better than them.

What the hell has this game truly came to. In any case, that's my blog.