Grade: B

Quest NPC:  General that player wish to serve

Major Domestic Bonus: Peace

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military,Technology  

Players: 1


This quest  can only be done 1 time per scenario  or through  a force reicarnation but can be repeated when submitting the quest where player will get the option to do so to increase the reward along the general trust on the player.

Dialogue when taking the quest:

I see you serve (General that the player currently serving).

"Are you interested in serving me?

If you can pass my test, then, I might think about it".


1. Get 500 KOs and while doing it make sure to upgrade attack,damage and defense.


2. After getting 500 KOs, all the northeast base will turn red prompting the player to capture them all. All of these bases are based on elite mode setting, making them have higher defense and life. The type of bases are:

1 - Officer

2 - Troop

3 - Captain


3. After taking all of the bases, 5 generals will appear with each of them having different stats and armor. Defeat them all.


If the player gets lower rank after completing the quest, speak to the general when submitting the quest and the general will give an option to repeat it or not.


Condition Reward

Time: 5:00+

Large General Trust(Boost the Trust star to 3 star)from where the quest was taken 
Speed Scroll x4
Large Flask x3,Remedy x2

A Time: ?

Certain General Trust from where the quest was taken
Tortoise Amulet x3

Large Flask x3,Remedy x2


Time: ?

? + Certain General Trust lower than above


Time: ?

? + Certain General Trust lower than above

D Time: ?

? + Certain General Trust lower than above


Time: ?

? + Certain General Trust lower than above


【R2尖剣で】お手並み拝見:真・三國無双 Online06:20

【R2尖剣で】お手並み拝見:真・三國無双 Online

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