About the System

Based on Dw7 weapon switch system and introduced in the first scenario of Dwoz,this system allow player to carry 2 weapon in battle and allow player to use one of the weapon and change it to the other weapon carried at a fixed cost based on the max of the musou gauge.Player can change  the weapon while in ground and while in air.

Changing weapon in battle

Each time player change the weapon.a fixed amount of musou is consumed based on the max musou

gauge.Player can change weaopon when in ground and while in air.Depending on when they player change

the weapon,different thing happen.For example:

While stationary/not moving:

Player perform C3 of the changed weapon.

While  running:

Player peform DA of the changed weapon.

Player is comboing:

Player automatically perform C3 of the changed weapon.

Player has 10 musou full effect:

Press both the change weapon button and the musou button at the same time to perform the last strike of

the changed weapon musou.This will not happen if there is no 10 musou effect even if the player has full


While on Air

Player perform the JC for the changed weapon.

Break System

-Coming Soon-

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