Zhong Hui
Character information



-Zhong Hui Forces

Weapon Type: -Flying Sword
Advanced + : -Poison Attack
Historical information
Real name: - Zhōng Huì
Chinese name: - 鍾會 - 钟会 
Style name: - Shìjì
Chinese name: - 士季
Born: - 225
Died: - 264

Zhong Hui (onyomi: Shō Kai) is a military general who served Wei and is Zhong Yao's second known son. 

General InformationEdit

While serving Zhong Hui you will gain

Distribution + 10 

Defence + 8

Character InformationEdit


His first apperance has many of his attack unable to hit most of the time due to the weird range of the sword.Until now he has only receive 1 moveset revision update from the Rising 1 update.(1 March 2014)


In DwoZ he is potrayed as a person who treat everyone even the player with a egostical personality.

Historical InformationEdit


Quests Started by Zhong HuiEdit

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest


Zhong Hui Weapon of choice is the Flying Sword

DWOZ MovesetEdit

This is the moveset used by Zhong Hui in DWOZ,player can acess this general moveset by using the specified general spirit.

DA-Knockback slash

N String-A series of slash that end with a knockback.

C1-Stab downward.Pressing Charge again will make Zhong Hui twirled sword around self similar to Dw7 Ex.

C2-Launch the enemy upward

C3-Stab the enemy with the sword which stun the enemy.Press charge again to deal another 2 sword stab.

C4-Wide range slash that knockback the enemy.

C5-Fly forward with the sword surround the user.

C6-Stab forward with the sword.

Evo-Send a wawe forward.The animation suggest it suppose to mimic Zhong Hui 2nd musou.

JA-The sword surround the user very close and try to slash the enemy........

JC-Dive bomb to the ground.Upon landing cause a blast that launch the enemy.

Musou-Repetitive sword from ground attack similar to Zhong Hui Dw7 1st musou.

True Musou-Same as above with fire damage.

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Zhong Hui Moveset-102:04

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Zhong Hui Moveset-1

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